Experience Minimalist Living With Self-Storage Durban


Experience Minimalist Living With Self-Storage Durban


With many television programs that promote minimalistic lifestyles, it makes sense that “minimalist living” has turned into a popular trend. Fortunately, regardless of how much stuff you own, self-storage Durban units can help you on your own journey to becoming a minimalist.


At Lock Up Storage, we are experts when it comes to storage and decluttering. Here is our advice on how self-storage is the ideal option when you are trying to free up space in your home.


Self-Storage For Your Minimalist Adventure


It is difficult to say goodbye to the things that many of us think we really need. Humans develop an attachment which creates an emotional response to specific items. These usually include valuables passed down from one generation to the next, or items that hold certain memories. There are also a few belongings that you may need at a later stage.


The minimalist approach usually indicates that the belongings you are not using should be tossed out or given away. While this may sound great in theory, in practice this is not always possible. Fortunately, self-storage offers just the right opportunity to store items you are not using at the moment without losing them entirely.


Self-storage is the ideal option to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. Self-storage facilities like Lock Up Storage have various storage options on offer. This offers an easy way to store items such as your garden equipment to antiques and valuable items that you are not ready to part with or give away.


Here is a list the common items that should go into storage:


  • Any item that you would like to keep that you are not using
  • Valuables that hold a sentimental value
  • Seasonal clothing that won’t be needed until the next summer or winter
  • Equipment and tools occupying space in your shed or garage



Lock Up Storage has two conveniently situated self-storage facilities in Pinetown and New Germany to help you achieve your minimalist goals.

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