3 Ways You Can Use A Durban Storage Unit To Make Moving Easier


Moving is usually a time-consuming and difficult task that many people dread. One of the easiest ways to ensure an easier move is to use a month-to-month storage unit. A storage unit will lighten the load, allowing you to spread the move out, giving you more flexibility and time.

Lock Up Storage offers two conveniently located storage facilities in Pinetown and New Germany. There are several ways that you can use a storage unit with free removals Durban, to assist with your move.


It can feel like a daunting task to move all your clothing, furniture, and the rest of your home contents in one day. Using a safe storage unit means that you can start planning your move weeks before the actual moving date. Store as much as you can in a secure unit and you will lighten the bulk of the load when your moving day arrives. From here, you can move in stages, which does away with having to move your entire household in one day.


Storing all or most of your belongings or furniture in a single place will make it easier to plan your move accordingly. This also gives you the chance to clear out your garage and cupboards earlier, leaving only your furniture and other large items. You also won’t have to worry that much about how your belongings are packed into the moving truck when trying to plan where everything should go.


Most people will agree with how frustrating it is to try and unpack, decorate, and arrange their belongings when all their boxes are piled into one room. When you store less important boxes and bags in a secure storage garage, it allows you to move your items selectively as you free up space. This is one of the best ways to ensure your move is less stressful and easier.

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